We keep moving forward!

The EzzyLink Public Association continues humanitarian action in the villages and cities of the Republic of Moldova. Increase assistance for socially vulnerable families and people with special needs is granted through the support offered with the project “Covering the needs of the most vulnerable category of the local population and refugees from Moldova”, implemented by EzzyLink and funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic. The humanitarian aid is distributed with the aim of helping vulnerable families and vulnerable individuals in the Republic of Moldova to cope with high prices caused by high inflation due to the energy crisis and the war next door.

During the last three months, a batch of 3,500 sacks of food and hygiene products (about 20kg each) brought joy to the population of the villages of Talmaza, Popeasca, Ermoclia, Rascaieti and others in rayon Stefan Voda (a bordering rayon with Ukraine).

On July 5, 2023, the last batch of sacks stopped at Ștefan Vodă Consiliul Raional Ștefan Vodă. Mr. Vasile Maxim, the President of the district welcomed the EzzyLink team and coordinated the distribution of goods for the beneficiaries of humanitarian aid. Mr. Maxim expressed his gratitude for the support and help shown by donors in the Czech Republic for our vulnerable population in this period of trial and crisis for the whole society.

Simultaneously, 2,500 sacks were distributed among the vulnerable population of rayon Straseni with the help of the rayon Department of Social Assistance of Straseni. Strășeni Direcția Asistență Socială

Through other partner organizations of Ezzylink’s, 30 more sacks of goods were distributed in the rayon of Orhei, and 83 more in the rayon of Causeni.

The fact of the distribution is confirmed by the signatures of the people to whom the humanitarian aid granted by the EzzyLink Public Association was distributed.

We aim to continue on this path by helping, regardless of obstacles, times, and challenges!

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