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These are the cookies your device may receive whilst using our Web Site and how they work:

1) Necessary Cookies – Our Web Site cannot function without these cookies. If they are blocked by your browser, you will not be able to shop. These cookies do not hold personal information.

2) Performance Cookies – These cookies inform us which pages are looked at the most and which are not using anonymous user data. If these are not enabled, we cannot improve the quality of our Web Site for you.

3) Functional Cookies – These cookies help our Web Site to remember small personal details about you from previous visits, such as name and address. These are not necessary to be enabled but limits the quality of our service to you.

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5) Social Media Cookies – Enabling these cookies allows you to share our content with others. Your browser is tracked to build up an idea of your interests which affects the information seen elsewhere online.

6) Managing cookies – If you decide to disable your cookies, please be aware that you will not be able to utilise the full potential of our Web Site. Also, our Web Site has taken steps to protect your privacy. Visit or for more information regarding cookies. To disable cookies, go to Cookie Settings and select disable.

7) Log Files – When you visit any Web Site including our own, impersonal information such as your IP address, dates and time accessed, browsers etc. are collected. By using our website, you are agreeing that this information can be used by us for statistical purposes. We ensure that this information will never be given to third parties.