EzzyLink continues compiling the list of aid that has been given to the Ukrainian refugees

During the last few weeks EzzyLink facilitated the distribution of approximately 6 tons of food products (mostly canned food, cereal, rice, salt, teabags) donated generously by Bidfood UK and offered to EzzyLink by Hope4 NGO.

Hundreds of refugees benefited from the current donation: those hosted in three (3) villages of Causeni district bordering with Ukraine, Opaci, Salcuta and Grădinița as well the Refugee Assistance Center from Causeni; those hosted in ten (10) villages of Singerei district (north of Moldova); Ukrainian refugees hosted at “Bradulet” summer camp from Vadul lui Voda (center of Moldova) turned into a shelter for refuges as well as those hosted at the Psycho-Social Centre in Vulcănești (south of Moldova). All the donated products have been distributed in partnership with the Asociația pentru Dezvoltare Durabilă Integrată (ADDI) from Causeni, Katalyst Kitchens from Chisinau, Cosens NGO from Singerei.Sincere thanks to the donors, volunteers, who distributed the food, our partners and the main actors involved in this weeks long

initiative: Chris Lomas, Валентина Шаимова, Victor Luca, Sîrbu Rodica, Diana Bacal, Людмила Прокиук-Кифа, Valeria Șvarț and Надежда Мокан!

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