Help Ukrainian Refugees!

Dear friends, colleagues, family!

With a small group of friends, I have recently established my own NGO EzzyLink, aiming at helping people potentially. Of course, I never thought that the first initiative, EzzyLink will “jump in” will be helping people from Ukraine that are crossing the borders of Moldova nowadays in thousands, trying to save their children’s lives and searching desperately for peace. But life brings us unexpected surprises that are not always pleasant…

And we have to act now when our help is needed the most. Of course, I’m very impressed and supportive with what my government is doing in this regard by building camps for temporary stops for refugees with hot tea and biscuits, diapers and first aid offered, along with hundreds and hundreds of Moldovans that open their houses for free, their vehicles to take Ukrainians far from borders/ transport them into a safer place.

But the demand is HUGE at the crossing boarder lines. It takes many hours for Ukrainians to overcome the dozens of km waiting lines prior to crossing the border. When stepping on Moldovan land people are exhausted, hungry, thirsty and cold. I witnessed that yesterday at Palanca with my friends, trying to figure out how can we help.

We realized hot meals are crucial for cold hungry children, elderly and pregnant women. Refugees are asking for soups, water, female hygiene items, a warm tea. A number of churches, average Moldovans are there to help right at the border line but it’s by far not enough.

Local public admin is opening public spaces for lodging, but these places are missing warm blankets and mattresses. Dear friends, I have people around me with good will, lots of energy, time and dedication they can offer to Ukrainian refugees. I have also identified a number of local NGOs possessing cooking equipment and certified permission to offer hot meals to the Ukrainian refugees, but we need funds to help a larger number of people running from the frontlines.

With your help we can do so much more! But we have to act IMMEDIATELY! in a week the demand can be completely different. For those of you with big hearts, with a good will to help our neighbours, please donate, promise to spend each and every penny accordingly and I take the responsibility to inform you how your donations were spent as detailed as possible to be tracked given the circumstances. Big-big THANK YOU!

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